Frequently Asked Questions
YOUnify is the smartest way to share contact information using standards your smartphone will understand. YOUnify allows you to create up to 5 contact profiles that you can share in as little as 2 clicks!
YOUnify is a peer to peer app, all information is privately shared from one device to another without going over the internet, no middle man here.
Go HERE and login. Here you can set a custom URL for your page if you have not done so already. Don't forget to include the http:// in your URL.
You can use your LinkedIn public profile URL, if you don’t have one you can set it up HERE. Don't forget to include the http:// in your URL.
Add your Twitter user name without the '@' symbol e.g: YOUnifyApp
Not All QRCode readers are made equally, some may work and some may not work at all. Here is a list of some that we have tested that work great:, Tapmedia, RedLaser, Qrafter, ShopSavvy
Verify that NFC is turned on for both devices, sometimes Smartphone case or skins can impede the NFC signal, make sure you find that sweet spot, each device is different.
This option will send the vCard payload without setting up a Bluetooth transfer. This means all data is sent except the profile image. This method should also be used when NFC file transfer is not supported by your device.
Great question. You can like us on Facebook, share the YOUnify from the app menu via NFC or QRCode, over BBM or just plain old word of mouth! THANK YOU!
Please send us an email.